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Can't hinder the fine work of the jewelry paper bag making factory

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-11

Printing is basically necessary and unavoidable in the process of producing handbags in jewelry paper bag making factories. However, there will be some common problems when using ink when ordering printing patterns for handbags. These phenomena will bring more trouble to the jewelry paper bag production factory. Today, let’s learn about the bad conditions of ink spray and what are the treatment methods.

Jewelry paper bag manufacturing factory analyzes the situation of ink spray scattering according to the objective situation. In fact, the academic explanation refers to the situation where the ink used in the ink roller is sprayed out in a mist, scattered out of the equipment, and formed a spray. Although the occurrence is not particularly frequent, whether there is any research or insight on this phenomenon is one of the criteria for predicting whether the jewelry paper bag making factory is professional. It can be used as a reference, and getting back to the point led to the inkjet printing process of the jewelry paper bag making factory. The cause of scattering is usually that the viscosity of the ink is too large, and the ink filament is too long and weak; the electrostatic energy stored in the ink reacts with the opposite charge in the dry air, which causes the ink to scatter and spray out of the ink roller.

When the jewelry paper bag making factory sees this kind of situation, they usually choose the straightforward method to reduce the viscosity of the ink. Adding a de-tackifier must be careful not to affect the dosage of the production; reduce the fluidity of the ink At the same time, the equipment and equipment also need to slow down the printing speed, and then install a static eliminator on the printing press to reduce the static electricity stored in the humor to the minimum to avoid reacting with the charge in the air.

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