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Can high-saturation colors become a trend in packaging box customization?

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-03

Color schemes that have been trending in recent years have been characterized by their ability to convey a sense of calm and soothing. The highly saturated color is just the opposite, it can bring a cheerful, enthusiastic and fashionable feeling to people. Although high-saturation color is not a popular color scheme this year, it is not impossible to become the trend of packaging box customization in the future.

Although most people think that the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) are high-saturation colors, they are not. Pure orange, pure purple, and pure green that are not mixed with black and white are also high-saturation colors. So far, high-saturated colors can be seen on fashion shows, home decoration and custom packaging boxes, and people have increasingly desired positive and cheerful color schemes. Whether it's red, yellow or blue can bring an invigorating effect.

Most importantly, with the ever-changing trend of packaging customization, companies and brands are responding proactively to customer needs. This can be achieved by customizing a packaging design that meets the public's aesthetics. Of course, when choosing a high-saturation color, you should also consider whether the color is in line with your brand image. If your brand has been following a minimalist design style, you need to pay special attention.

When it comes to packaging customization, it is not enough to choose the right high-saturation color to make the box stand out. It also needs to be paired with an eye-catching graphic design and high-end packaging materials so that the box can perform to its maximum effect. Packaging materials such as tactile paper, art paper, and raw pulp paper are not only very high-end in appearance and touch, but also have strong plasticity, which can perfectly present printed or bronzing patterns.

Finally, there are many ways to incorporate highly saturated colors into your product packaging to refresh your product image. Whether it is in a shopping mall or a shopping center, the high-saturation color can always attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, these colors can bring additional marketing benefits to your company.

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