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Can food packaging gift boxes become a commodity marketing tool?

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-05

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for food are also limited to satisfying their hunger. In addition to considering the taste when choosing food, people will also choose some seemingly good food for purchase out of curiosity. If you want to gain a competitive advantage from many competitors, custom food packaging gift boxes are a very good choice. As the competition in the food industry continues to intensify, brands, packaging designers and box manufacturers will all face a daunting task, which is to make the packaging box into a unique marketing artwork to attract users' attention.

Customized food packaging boxes have always been a thorny issue. In addition to having all the performance of ordinary packaging boxes, they also need to control the hygiene of the packaging and follow some strict guidelines of the industry during reproduction.

Food is an imported product. Although the designer's unlimited creativity can be used when customizing food packaging gift boxes, food packaging should not be confused with other products. For example, there was an innovative milk tea packaging that was very popular on the Internet a while ago. Its appearance resembles a laundry detergent bottle. try. In the initial stage of listing, this marketing model has indeed brought benefits to merchants, and at the same time, many companies have followed suit. However, some people soon raised objections and even began to boycott such products. Because for some groups of children, they have no judgment, and it is easy to confuse laundry detergent with milk tea, such as

Food packaging gift boxes should be developed towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and proper display of brand elements will be crucial to cultivating consumer loyalty. At the same time, the information displayed on the food packaging box should be consistent with the characteristics of the brand and the product itself. After all, customers are more willing to buy products from brands that share the same values ​​as them.

The most important point of custom packaging is to stand out from similar products on the premise of being consistent with consumer values. Although this task is very difficult, but if successful, it will create immeasurable value for the brand.

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