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By mastering these five points in the custom design of kraft paper bags, you can make good business decisions

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-07

Good packaging is inseparable from excellent packaging design. Whether it is the custom-made text or pattern of the kraft paper bag, or the combination of various elements, it is often more attractive and convincing than the naked text, and It has the effect of stimulating consumers to buy.

So, what should we pay attention to when designing gift kraft paper bags? To help you summarize a few points, I hope to help you.

1. Pay attention to the content as well as the appearance. The focus of packaging design is to carry out derivative design around the product, so the characteristics of the product should be highlighted from the packaging, so that consumers can know what is in the kraft paper bag at a glance. What features, to convey to consumers the message of the product.

2. The full display of goods can reduce consumers' suspicion of goods, such as kraft paper bags with transparent skylights, which can see the goods in the box from the outside, so that consumers can clearly see the goods inside.

3. The combination of pictures and text is also a very important point. The gift kraft paper bag with only the pattern and no text description is not a perfect package. For example, food packaging will indicate the production ingredients, origin, production date, shelf life, consumption method, etc. of the food. Different products will have their own product descriptions, which is to allow consumers to understand the products more clearly and deeply.

4. The color in the custom design of kraft paper bags is also a very important aspect, because the first thing consumers see is various colors. For example, Wuyuan Huangju tea kraft paper bag uses golden color to represent chrysanthemum. It is a very clever design method to represent a certain commodity by color.

5. In addition to the above four points, also pay attention to the use of kraft paper bags. A package not only looks good, but also has the function of protecting the product. The flashy kraft paper bag cannot win the love and support of consumers. Only by combining design and practicality can it truly meet the diversified psychological needs of consumers.

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