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brown paper bag charity drive

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-15
SkyWorld Development Group will bring home buyers and readers of The Star together to help those who are unfortunate.
The developer joined hands with Star Media Group in the DaretoCare campaign to help bridge the gap between charities and those in need.
Huang Tianping, founder and managing director of SkyWorld Development Group, said the idea of the event will drive people to donate.
\"Many people want to donate, especially during the festival, but many of them don\'t know where to go.
\"The star has launched a great initiative to directly keep readers and SkyWorld\'s customers focused on these homes,\" Ng said . \".
The campaign distributed 50,000 Star newspapers in a collectible brown paper bag in selected areas in December 17 and will be re-distributed in January 13.
Citizens can fill paper bags with gifts or donations for personal care items, stationery and other necessities.
Perishable food.
Then, from now until February 15, these bags can be dropped off at SkyWorld real estate galleries in Sentul, Setiawangsa, Bukit Jalil and Setapak, where developers will collect
Donors can also use the space on the bag to leave encouraging words for those who receive donations.
At the same time, Ng says this is a good way to introduce welfare families who may not have such collection drives as resource management.
\"All they can do is pay attention to the welfare of their residents;
Although it is hoped that the public will contact them, it is difficult to contact them in their own way in addition to writing letters for help.
Working with the media is a good opportunity for welfare organizations to get more exposure, Wu said.
\"As a \'People\'s newspaper, \'the star is definitely a suitable platform,\" he said . \". As a KL-
The shift is not limited to providing a \"sky life\" experience, but rather a city-centric developer, Ng said.
\"We like to change and do different things.
\"Even our employees, mainly composed of younger generations, come to work and want to do something meaningful and different, not only for the real estate industry, but also for charity, ng said, he added that charity is deeply rooted in the company culture of developers.
In addition to this, SkyWorld has been involved in other corporate social responsibility projects, including the development of the SkyAwani economy House collection.
So far, Sentul\'s SkyAwani 1 and SkyAwani 2 have been sold out, while its SkyAwani 3 residence @ Setapak has only introduced about 90% of the unit options in just a few hours.
Developers have also invested in rm3.
8mil of SkyWorld Quality Center, which educate and share Qlassic and Conquas quality collation with business partners, buyers and the public.
In the future, developers will integrate all corporate philanthropy activities and set up the SkyWorld Foundation.
\"It will be structured and we will donate a certain amount of profit from the company to the foundation.
\"When it is established, we will start more charitable initiatives related to education, vulnerable communities, and so on,\" Ng concluded . \".
For more information, please visit www. skyworld.
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