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Briefly describe the reasons for the phenomenon of opening of the [packaging box]

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-21

Packaging boxes are widely used in some industries and have achieved remarkable results. The packaging industry has unique value in the application of value engineering, but for packaging boxes, glue or other adhesives are used for bonding. Sometimes we will It is found that the packaging box has the phenomenon of opening, which is related to the use of the glue by the packaging box manufacturer. If the packaging box is opened, the reasons for the opening of the packaging box are as follows:

1. The viscosity of the adhesive of the gift box is not enough or the amount of glue is not enough.

2. The material of the adhesive and the gift box do not match.

3. The sticky mouth part of the gift packaging box is surface processed by lamination and glazing. It is difficult for the adhesive to penetrate the surface layer and penetrate into the paper, and the carton is difficult to stick firmly.

4. The pressure after folding and gluing is insufficient, and the pressing time is not long enough, which is not conducive to the strong paste.

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