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Briefly describe the key points of gift box making

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-21

We may come into contact with gift boxes everywhere in our daily life, so do you know what to pay attention to when making gift boxes? Among the paper materials, the commonly used cardboards for making cartons are white cardboard, yellow cardboard and color cardboard. In commodity packaging, the use of coated whiteboard is more common. When selecting materials, the shape of the packaged items should be considered first, whether it is a high-moisture item, a wet item, a liquid item or a solid item, whether it is a high-fat item or a frozen item. The printing of the gift box production method should pay attention to the matters of quality protection, performance, operability, convenience, commodity and circulation. In addition, the purpose of the product, the object and method of sale, the transportation conditions, etc., should also be considered. It can be seen that it is quite difficult to make a satisfactory gift box!

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