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Break the news about the conditions for customization of [Mooncake Box Customization]

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-31
Mooncake box customization, Hengtai packaging manufacturers use elegant color matching and exquisite appearance design, introduce a new concept of mooncake box customization, and realize the combination of mooncake packaging and beauty. What are the basic requirements for manufacturers to customize moon cake boxes?
1. The dimensions of the moon cake box and the moon cake meet the requirements
2. The surface paper is smooth and smooth, without blistering and obvious scratches
3. No ash at the corner, no corner burst, cracking
4. The surface of the moon cake gift box is clean without obvious stains
5. The shape of the moon cake gift box is flat, no wrinkle, hanging in the air
In summary, the above content is that users often pay attention to five quality requirements when customizing moon cake boxes. Friends who need to customize the moon cake box can directly contact our Hengtai packaging box manufacturer.
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