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Boxes - what you pay for

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-03

With the improvement of living standards, gifts are more common in our lives, so different gift boxes play different roles in life. In its classification, there are many kinds of material classification. The following classifications are made according to the different materials of different packaging boxes, which are only for your reference when choosing packaging boxes.

Chalkboard paper. This kind of material is relatively common, one is a relatively inexpensive variety, one side is white, which can be used for printing, and the other side is gray, which is used for packaging; the other is that its two sides are mostly white, which can be used for printing Printing, the powder cardboard of this material is more expensive. The wrapping paper of these two materials is more common in current gift packaging, and is mostly used to wrap some medium-grade gifts.

It is powder grey paper. Since there is no fixed specification for this material, no matter what kind of packaging the gift needs, this material can be used for packaging. The materials of this kind of gift box are mostly used for the packaging of general gifts, and the packaged gifts belong to the middle and lower grades. But because of its low price, it is loved by many gift companies.

The third wooden box metal box. In addition to using general paper products as packaging materials, some gifts are not suitable for using paper materials, and some special materials are also selected as packaging materials, such as head products and metal products. At present, some foods on the market usually use wooden boxes or metal boxes as the main packaging materials. The use of these packaging can prolong the edible period and increase the promotion time of gifts.

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