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Best Sliding Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter At Wholesale Price

Best Sliding Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter At Wholesale Price
Easy Slide Gift Wrap Cutter For Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll
Shipping port
Ningbo/Shanghai port
Payment terms
30% deposit and 70% balance by T/T ; Westunion, paypal
Multifunctional use, fast paper cutting, no hand injury
12 X 6 X 10cm
1000 pcs
yes,we have stock.

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Jialan gift wrapping paper cutter, make your gift packaging no longer difficult!

When Halloween and Christmas comes, and I want to prepare well-wrapped gifts for my friends. However, using scissors to cut gift wrapping paper is too slow and labor-intensive, and what should I do if the edges of the cut paper are not neat? Don't worry, let this gift wrapping paper cutter solve your problems! It is a useful wrapping paper cutter tool which is helpful.

What is a sliding gift wrap cutter?
A sliding gift wrap cutter is a versatile tool designed to streamline the gift-wrapping process, catering specifically to those who value efficiency and precision. This innovative device features a sleek design with an ergonomic handle, ensuring comfortable grip during use. Crafted from durable materials, this sliding wrapping paper cutter guarantees longevity for countless holiday seasons ahead. The cutting mechanism boasts razor-sharp blades that effortlessly glide through various types of gift wrapping paper whether it be delicate tissue or sturdy kraft paper. And someone used it as the Christmas wrapping paper cutter. With adjustable blade lengths and built-in safety features such as finger guards, this indispensable gift wrap cutting tool enables users to achieve clean and accurate cuts without risking potential accidents or damaged gifts. Additionally, some models incorporate additional functionalities like ribbon curlers or tape dispensers for enhanced convenience while maintaining the utmost professionalism in presentation. Whether you are a retail business aiming to expedite your gift-wrapping service or an individual seeking an efficient solution at home, investing in an easy slide gift wrap cutter is certain to elevate your packaging game and leave recipients impressed by the impeccable finishing touch it provides.


Best Wrapping Paper Cutter From Jialan Package

  • Product Name      
    Gift wrapping paper cutter
  • Material
    ABS plastic material +Tungsten steel blade
  • Color
  • Moq
    1000pcs for stock, 3000pcs can customized
  • Quantity/ctn
  • Volume/ctn

  • NW/ctn
  • Net weight
    one pack=106g   two packs=210g
  • Feature
  • Scope of use
    All kinds of gift wrapping paper cutting


Highlights of Jialan Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter

Simplicity: User-friendly operation that minimizes the learning process and maximizes efficiency.

Safety: Revolutionary design that eliminates the risk of blade contact, ensuring operator safety.

Speed: Swift cutting accelerates your packaging workflow without compromising accuracy.

Precision: Consistent and perfect cuts for a professional appearance.

Stability: Securely fixed base that provides stability during cutting and roll handling.



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