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[Bamboo box packaging box] three maintenance methods

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-20
There are various types of packaging boxes. The shape, size, material and value of bamboo boxes are different. However, for all packaging boxes, the maintenance methods are similar. The following is the Hangzhou packaging box manufacturer for everyone. Briefly introduce the maintenance method of the bamboo box packaging box.
1. Since bamboo material is a natural material, it is easy to cause insects and other organisms; favor; add some anti-corrosion and insect-proof chemicals for the maintenance of all wooden boxes, and pay attention to the ingredients of the chemicals, and use green and environmentally friendly chemicals;
Second, the location of the bamboo box is also the key. It cannot be placed in a place where the sun shines directly, which will cause the moisture in the bamboo material to volatilize quickly, and the dehydrated bamboo material will become crisp and easily broken and damaged. In addition, the bamboo box packaging box can not be placed in a humid and watery place, and the humid environment will also make the bamboo become watery and humid, which is easy to rot.
Third, it is necessary to avoid sharp instruments scratching the bamboo box packaging box or hitting it with heavy objects, which will cause damage to the packaging box.
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