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Attractive MDF gift box: accurate communication of product information! MDF gift box@moon cake box wholesale@wine box custom

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-16

The so-called MDF gift box/products-detail.asp?cpidu003d49 packaging not only has the function of acting as a product protection god, but also has a positive promotion effect. With the fierce market competition in recent years, more people are thinking Do your best to make it work the latter. In the last article, we talked about how the design can make the packaging box more eye-catching. Today, we will talk about how the product MDF gift box packaging box allows consumers to understand the product more accurately.

A successful MDF gift box packaging should not only arouse consumers' attention and interest in the product through the use of shape, color, pattern and material, but also enable consumers to understand the product through the packaging. Because what people buy is not the packaging, but the product inside the packaging. The way to accurately convey product information is to convey the image of the product in a real way. You can use fully transparent packaging, you can open a window on the packaging container to display the product, you can draw product graphics on the packaging, and you can make concise text descriptions on the packaging. Colored product photos are printed on the packaging, etc.

Accurately conveying product information also requires that the grade of packaging be adapted to the grade of the product. Covering up or exaggerating the quality and function of the product is a failed packaging. The ginseng exported from my country was once packed in sacks and cardboard boxes. Foreign businessmen suspected that it was dried radish. Naturally, it was understood from this crude packaging grade.

On the contrary, low-end products with gorgeous and expensive packaging will not attract consumers. At present, most of the small food packaging on the market in our country is very delicate. The eye-catching colors, gorgeous patterns and silver-glowing aluminum foil bags with moving instructions are very attractive to consumers, especially children. The value of the food inside is far from the price, which makes people feel deceived. Therefore, the grade of packaging must be adapted to the grade of the product.

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