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Anti-mildew measures in the processing stage of gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-15

In order to prevent the gift box from getting moldy due to moisture, it is usually necessary to take anti-mildew measures during the processing stage of the gift box.

1. Dry and mildew-proof packaging technology: The lack of moisture in the living environment of microorganisms will cause dryness. Under dry conditions, molds cannot multiply, and commodities will not rot.

2. Gas-phase anti-mildew packaging technology: It refers to the use of volatile anti-mildew preservatives, and the use of the volatilized gas to directly contact the mildew microorganisms to kill and inhibit their growth and prevent the gift box from mildew. Purpose.

3. Chemical agent anti-mildew packaging technology: refers to the packaging technology that uses anti-mildew and anti-corrosion chemicals to properly treat the items to be packaged and packaging materials.

4. Modified atmosphere anti-mildew packaging technology: Modified atmosphere anti-mildew packaging is commonly known as vacuum packaging, which is to reduce the concentration of oxygen by changing the composition of the air in the gift box under the condition of sealed packaging, resulting in a low oxygen environment. To inhibit the life activities of mildew microorganisms and the respiration intensity of biological commodities, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing mildew and rot of packaged commodities.

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