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Analyze the four functions of [packaging box] for you

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-23

As we all know, the packaging box is an important part of the product. What are the main functions of the packaging box? Next, let Hangzhou packaging box manufacturers analyze it for you.

The function of the packaging box mainly has four aspects: product protection function, storage and transportation function, sales function, and profit increase function. Generally, the same gift is packaged or not packaged in a gift box, and there is a question of value-added, and the box has the effect of value-added. In addition to good quality, goods also need to have suitable and exquisite gift packaging boxes. Especially in the brand era, in addition to the effect of storage, preservation and moisture-proof, the packaging box also has the effect of improving brand awareness and added value. A grade of eye-catching packaging box, in addition to making consumers love to add and sell, can also increase the value of goods several times. Afterwards, the packaging box has a novel appearance, dazzling colors and fine pictures, so it has a promotion effect to a large extent.
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