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Analysis of the 'aesthetic vision' problem in the customization of kraft paper bags!

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-08

We have also been working hard on the visual aesthetic issues in the customization of kraft paper bags. Usually in the design of kraft paper bags, it cannot be ignored. In the current packaging design, when we sometimes observe a When buying a product, it is not a simple visual acceptance, but a certain psychological reaction that must be accompanied by visual communication!

For the beauty of current packaging design, the three-dimensional shape of packaging design and the flat treatment of each display surface must be combined with materials and functions. First, the form should meet the requirements of the protection and usability of the content. At the same time, the change of form and the rationalization of the materials used are also required!

Now there are many big-name kraft paper bags that are custom-designed with logos, and few have large-area patterns. For such prints with less graphic area, every cycle The amount of new ink added to the ink leveling roller is also less, so that the ink that has been on the ink roller for a long time will be mixed, squeezed and rolled by the fountain solution for several times, resulting in serious emulsification of the ink, resulting in inconsistent color. bright.

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