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Analysis of four common box types in tea kraft paper bag design

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-10

Box shape is an important aspect for designers when designing tea kraft paper bags. Many times merchants ignore the shape of the box. In fact, the box-shaped design can also play a marketing role in promoting tea sales. A humanized tea kraft paper bag can better display the goods and enhance the favor of tea in the minds of consumers. So, what are the common types of tea kraft paper bags?

1. Book Box

This type of box is often used in the production of tea kraft paper bags. The lid and the bottom of the box are connected to each other on one side. The whole is beautiful and elegant. It is not only very delicate to be used as a high-grade tea kraft paper bag, but also very good for gift giving. Usually there will be a corresponding paper carrier bags, which is unified with the design style of the box.

2. Heaven and Earth Cover Box

The lid of this box type is separated from the bottom of the box. It is a very high-grade box type. Generally, it is also a good gray board in terms of material selection. The overall appearance is high-grade and high-quality.

3. Portable box type

This kind of portable tea kraft paper bag is rare in the market, but some merchants who customize tea gift boxes have limited budgets. In order to save the cost of customized tote bags, the portable box type can also achieve the same grade. , The portable design also replaces the role of the paper carrier bags. It is a reasonable and effective method of kraft paper bags.

4. Drawer box

This type of box is like a drawer in our daily life, so it is named a drawer box. This box type is suitable for small bags of tea. If the weight of the tea is light, white cardboard can be used as the paper material. It is also a relatively cheap box type, but if the tea leaves are heavy, it is recommended to choose a paper material with a strong load-bearing capacity. After all, the important role of tea kraft paper bags is to protect the quality of goods.

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