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An interesting data survey report obtained by the jewelry paper bag making factory

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-05

The factory has also analyzed with you before that color is very important for a merchant’s product packaging, whether it is a packaging bag or a packaging box, it is very important, but the previous introductions are all analyzed from a professional perspective. And the introduction, what kind of color is aimed at what kind of group, what kind of color has what kind of sensory effect, this may be a bit ethereal for some more real businesses, it seems very reasonable, but it is not willing to believe it Recently, the jewelry paper bag making factory found an interesting data survey based on the market exploration and groping in the past 16 years. Perhaps the data of the jewelry paper bag making factory will be more meaningful to those more serious merchants. Reference evidence.

This data survey report was accidentally discovered when the jewelry paper bag making factory was collecting industry-related information. This is a data survey for foreign countries, and it was developed by a British shop investigation group. There are many parameters, but what attracts the attention of jewelry paper bag making factories is that some consumers are willing to spend even if they exceed their budget when they decide to buy because they receive more beautiful and exquisite packaging during the purchase and consumption process. % Is not an accounting. This interesting data is enough to prove that a package has a great effect on the product's competitiveness.

This interesting data is the most attractive jewelry paper bag making factory is that it can provide important evidence of the existence value of hardcover bags or packaging boxes, so that those who think that the product is the most important, the packaging must save costs As a warning, in fact, many consumers are foreign or domestic, not to mention that the current domestic economic situation is better than that of foreign countries. Under such an environment, this is still the case in foreign countries, not to mention domestic ones. As consumers With the improvement of spending power, who wants to stroll down the street with a red, white and blue bag? Therefore, the jewelry paper bag manufacturing factory believes that the color matching of hardcover is very important in the current market.

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