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An important step that cannot be ignored in paper bag production and marketing-rope lifting

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-15

With the increasingly fierce market competition, corporate brand awareness continues to increase, and paper bag making, as an important promotion channel for enterprises, has gradually become more important. However, when designing handbags, merchants always focus on the pattern text and material of the paper bag, and they choose the design of the rope at will. This is an irresponsible behavior, which will make the paper bag publicity. Greatly discounted. The rope is an indispensable part of paper bag making. It has an eye-catching effect on the entire handbag. Its design and quality of materials will directly affect the display effect of the handbag and affect the customer experience.

Handbag ropes can bring real convenience to customers, and are essential items in the shopping process. If the quality of the rope is too low, it will be broken when it is mentioned, which will cause customers to complain and associate the image of the company. If the customer passes word of mouth, this invisibly smears the company's reputation and is not conducive to the healthy development of the company.

The design of the handbag rope should be based on the design style that closely follows the entire paper bag, and should not be out of place. In addition, in order to improve the quality of paper bag production, polypropylene, gold silk, etc. can also be embellished in the material, and the style and taste of the entire design can be laid down in the subtle design. Although the creativity is small, it occupies an important part in the overall collocation of the items. Status makes these seemingly ordinary cotton ropes more attractive, and makes those ordinary packaging bags extra attractive.

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