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Aesthetic, starting from the box

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-17

It is obvious that the decoration and color of the packaging box play an important role in people's social life, production and labor, as well as daily clothing, food, housing and transportation. Of course, for the packaging box, the color decoration is even more so.

And modern scientific research data show that more than 90% of the gift box information received by a normal person from the outside world is input to the brain by the visual organ, and all visual images from the outside world, such as the shape of the object, the space The boundaries and distinctions of , location are all reflected by the color difference and the relationship between light and shade, and the visual impression is often the feeling of color.

The interest in color has led to people's awareness of color aesthetics, and it has become a prerequisite for people to learn to be able to decorate their lives with colors. Therefore, in the design of gift packaging boxes, the decoration and color play an important role.

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