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Advertising function of brand clothing paper bag making design

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-28

Paper bag making people are not unfamiliar. Many people will see the paper bag making on the clothes when they buy clothes. Many people know more about the clothes through the paper bag making. Larger brands will pay more attention to the design of paper bag production, because paper bag production can bring good advertising effects to clothing brands and play a certain role in publicity. What are the advertising functions of the production and design of brand clothing paper bags? Combined with the relevant knowledge, the editor will introduce you as follows.

The so-called paper bag design refers to a small card attached to a commodity such as clothing with the brand name, logo, origin and other information of the commodity. A brand is a commodity name and its logo used to identify the products or services of a seller or a group of sellers and distinguish them from competitors' products or services, usually consisting of logos, symbols, patterns, words and elements such as color or a combination of these elements.

First of all, from the point of view of shape, the production of paper bags for brand clothing strives to be simple and unique. Secondly, in terms of texture, most of the production materials for paper bags are paper, but also plastic, metal, rubber, leather, wood... In recent years, new types of paper bags made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials have also appeared. In order to reflect the quality and distinctiveness of the brand clothing, the choice of materials for making paper bags is also extremely elegant, such as the use of credit card materials and wood paper treated with special technology. Thirdly, from the point of view of craftsmanship, it adopts the same craftsmanship as credit cards and VIP cards, with exquisite printing, high-grade and exquisite workmanship. Finally, in terms of color, the color of the paper bag is in harmony with the overall packaging color of the garment, which can show the taste and style of the garment. Therefore, the brand value of garment paper bag production is a comprehensive reflection of design and printing.

Advertising function of garment paper bag making

(1) As a certificate of conformity, indicate the product name, implementation standard, item number, composition, grade, inspection number, etc.

(2) To promote the enterprise, print the enterprise name, Logo, brand, address, telephone, as a kind of enterprise advertising promotion. The production of traditional clothing paper bags is relatively silent in terms of design, printing technology, material, modeling and other aspects, and the content is routine. The name, origin, specifications, washing symbols, etc. of the product are objectively and concisely introduced. Nothing artistic. Today, as one of the strategic ways of brand promotion, the advertising function of garment paper bag production is increasingly prominent.

The advertising function of the production and design of brand clothing paper bags As described in the article, the production of paper bags directly represents the image of the company, and the quality of its design is related to whether the company is willing to invest in talents. There are many professional paper bag production and design talents. If necessary, you can customize the production and design of paper bags for clothes and paper bags. The design is still free.

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