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A detailed description of the production process of the product kraft paper bag

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-09

Product kraft paper bag is a very common type of kraft paper bag in life. A stylish product is inseparable from a good kraft paper bag. It not only plays a very important decorative role in the appearance of the product, but also It is to ensure the safety of the product during transportation, which greatly reduces the damage of the product. So how is the kraft paper bag, a product that plays a pivotal role in the product, made, I believe everyone is very curious, then take it. Next, the kraft paper bag manufacturer will explain its production process in detail for you.

The printing of the product kraft paper bag mainly refers to printing representative patterns, patterns, characters, etc. on the shape of the kraft paper bag to achieve a decorative effect, so as to make the product more persuasive and attractive. Force, the production process of kraft paper bags is mainly to first make plates. The current product kraft paper bags pay attention to the beautiful appearance, so the colors of production are also varied. Usually, a product kraft paper bag will have several colors. The second is the choice of paper: the gram weight of the paper box used in the general product kraft paper bag is different, but the paper of very few kraft paper bags will be more than 200g, mainly because the gift box made of paper is too thick It also looks relatively rigid. Finally, the general kraft paper bags usually need surface treatment. The most common ones are glossy plastic boxes and matte plastics, etc.

Since the product kraft paper bag is an outer kraft paper bag, the process requirements are quite high. The most taboo is that there are certain differences in color and certain defects in workmanship, which are enough to affect the overall appearance of the kraft paper bag. . So when we choose the product kraft paper bag, we must pay attention to these problems.

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