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[6 reasons] paper bag making selection

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-21

1. Better design and development capabilities

Accumulate many years of experience in paper bag production, timely capture the fashion elements of the market, and constantly experiment with the combination of new technology materials and applications. Senior designers and exquisite version room development technology will show you what you want.

2. Stronger production capacity of the factory

Our own factory, 5,000 square meters of production plant and more than 100 production employees, more than 80% of the old employees with production experience, the combination of rich production experience and advanced production equipment, have trained our high-speed and exquisite Shipping speed.

3. Faster sample delivery ability

Actively respond to customer needs, complete the delivery plan from drawings to actual samples in 5-7 days, own material factory, fast material selection, design - proofing - handover - confirmation, saving every second for you!

4. Stricter product quality supervision

Strictly implement the quality inspection and inspection regulations of product special materials, semi-finished products and finished products, double check by production and quality control departments, and strive to ensure that defective products are not off the assembly line, and the principle of quality problems will not leave the factory.

5. High cost performance

Factory production and processing, affordable price, your best choice. Using large-scale self-chemical equipment, high production efficiency and effective control of labor costs. Self-processing and production, affordable price, with market competitiveness!

6. Gold after-sales

1 to 1 follow-up service, let you worry-free! Adopt one-to-one follow-up mode, 24-hour online customer service, quick response to solve problems! If the goods are damaged or have quality problems during transportation, they will be returned and exchanged unconditionally!

With a mature and standardized management model and extremely professional and effective overall services, we build the core brand value for customers and become the preferred supplier of paper bags.

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