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5 statistics about packaging gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-18

Have you ever come across a product that impresses you because of its box, how is it different from the box of other products. For many businesses, gift packaging is an opportunity to promote product sales. Most of the time, the first interaction a customer has with a product is through your box. While you can be as creative as you want when customizing your product box, it should differentiate it from your competitors' packaging. According to the following data survey, it can be known that the packaging box is very important for both the brand and the product.

72% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by packaging design. A great box can be the main difference between your brand's product and those of your competitors. Because most of the purchase decisions come from customers noticing your product and understanding your product information.

61% say they are more likely to repurchase luxury goods that come in premium packaging. If you sell jewelry, cosmetics, perfume or other luxury goods, using high-end gift boxes can make customers perceive the value of your products. On the contrary, if the box is too low-end, customers will think that the products in the box are not worth the price. As a result, repurchase opportunities may be missed.

55% of people who watched an unboxing video were impressed with the product. The unboxing video is a way for potential customers to experience receiving, unpacking, and using the product through self-media. When potential customers want to buy similar products, they will give priority to this product.

40% of consumers will share your packaging pictures on social media, but only if your product box should show its uniqueness. If the product box is unremarkable, then customers will not care too much.

67% of consumers said that paper packaging boxes are more attractive than other material packaging boxes. Paper packaging boxes are not only very environmentally friendly, the plasticity of paper is very good, and it can be easily made into the packaging structure you want.

Brands can create a great first impression with customers through packaging and branding. Cooperating with professional packaging box manufacturers can help brands present the best side of their products in front of customers.

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