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5 printing methods commonly used in custom packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-13

Printing is a very common packaging process. It can transfer the text and images in the artwork to the surface of paper, cloth, metal, plastic, leather and other materials through plate making, ink application, pressurization and other processes. Therefore, there are a variety of colorful product packaging in retail stores. Here are a few printing methods commonly used when customizing packaging boxes.

Flexographic printing

In flexographic printing, what needs to be printed is on a printing plate made of rubber in relief. The plate is inked, and the inked image is transferred to the printing surface. The process can be used to print on paper as well as plastic, metal, cellophane and other materials. Flexo printing is mainly used for packaging and labels and, to a lesser extent, newspapers. The most obvious sign of flexo printing is a slight halo around the print.

gravure printing

Gravure printing is used much less frequently than other printing processes. It is usually used in the production of publications such as magazines and catalogs or packaging boxes. This process relies on the engraving cylinder. The surface of the printing plate is filled with ink, and then the ink in the blank part is removed with a special scraper, so that the ink remains only in the picture. In the mesh part of the text, under the action of greater pressure, the ink is transferred to the surface of the substrate. However, due to the high cost of plate making, the printing volume must be large, and it is generally used relatively little when customizing packaging boxes.

offset printing

Offset printing is a kind of offset printing, and it is also the main industrial printing technology. It is mainly used for printing various packaging boxes, leaflets, catalogs and so on. When the printing plate is inked, only the image part has ink, and then the inked image is transferred to the rubber, and the printing on the printing plate is transferred to the substrate by means of the rubber.

screen printing

As the name suggests, this printing technique relies on screens. The non-permeable material is coated in the grid hole area that does not need to be printed, and the ink can be pushed to the surface of the substrate through the grid during printing. The advantage of screen printing is that it is not picky about the surface of the substrate, and the ink can be attached to a variety of materials, such as paper, textiles, glass, ceramics, wood and metal.

Toppan Printing

The principle of letterpress printing is relatively simple. The earliest letterpress printing is to engrave the text or pattern to be printed on a wooden board to make it stand out, and then brush ink and cover paper for printing. The earliest surviving letterpress in our country is the 'Diamond Prajna Paramita Sutra'.

Now letterpress printing is almost done by printing machine. First, the ink supply device of the printing machine distributes the ink evenly, and then transfers the ink to the printing plate through the ink roller. Because the graphic part on the letterpress is much higher than that on the printing plate Therefore, the ink on the ink roller can only print the graphic part on the substrate.

It is very common to print patterns or text in the packaging box. When customizing the packaging box, you can choose a suitable printing method according to the characteristics of different printing methods and the printing requirements of the packaging.

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