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4 ways to test the strength of gift box

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-09

In terms of packaging design, the visual effect of the gift box can leave a good first impression on customers. In addition, the quality of the packaging box, such as: structural integrity, sturdiness and durability are all important factors of the packaging box, which also affects the customer's first impression of the brand. After all, before the gift is delivered to the customer, it may experience various harsh transportation conditions on the way. When customizing the packaging box, we can conduct different tests on it to measure the quality of the packaging.

drop test

Whether the product is sold in a physical store or an online store, it is inevitable that the product will fall from a height, so the drop test is very necessary. When performing a drop test, you can place the product in the box, and then drop it multiple times in different directions and heights to see how well the gift package can withstand it and whether it will affect the integrity of the product. When performing a drop test, the drop height of the box test depends on the weight of the product itself.

Carton Weight Drop Height

1-9 kg 76 cm

10-18 kg 61 cm

19-27 kg 46 cm

28-45 kg 30 cm

46-68 kg 20 cm

Compression test

The compression test can be used to understand the maximum bearing capacity of the packaging box. When the product is placed in the warehouse or transported, it is likely to be stacked. If the compression resistance of the packaging box is not strong, it will cause damage to the product due to extrusion. The structure and material of the packaging box may affect the overall bearing capacity of the packaging box. For fragile products and luxury goods, special attention should be paid to the compression test of the packaging box.

vibration test

The product will shake due to bumps during transportation, and the vibration test can measure the performance of the product during transportation. It simulates the types of vibrations that gift packaging might be subjected to (such as on a truck or airplane) that could cause cartons to separate at seams, or product damage from impacting the packaging. For some valuables such as glass products or jewelry, a lining can also be added to the packaging to prevent the loss of the product due to vibration and friction.

water-proof test

Our country starts from the Huanghuai area in the north, goes to Hunan, Jiangxi, and the central and northern parts of Zhejiang in the south, goes to Yichang, Hubei in the west, and goes to Shanghai in the east. It belongs to the rainy season from mid-June to early July every year. The humidity is very high, and the items are very easy to get wet. As a brand side, we need to conduct a waterproof test on the packaging box to reduce the impact of moisture on the product. Oil-coated and film-coated packaging boxes can effectively play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect. We can simulate rain and special seasons to test the gift box, and finally get the waterproof effect of the box.

The strength of the gift box directly affects the customer's perception of the brand. The higher the quality of the gift box, the more confident the customer will buy your brand. On the other hand, the gift box also directly affects the customer's perceived value of the product. Through the above 4 methods, I can better test the strength and quality of the packaging box.

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