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4 Upscale Packaging Designs That Influence Buying Decisions

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-02

Think about the brand you recently bought and why did you buy it? Is it because of curiosity, impulsiveness or because you recognize the brand. No matter what the reason is, the packaging box can attract your attention at the first time, allowing you to accurately find the products you need. The box is an integral part of the product, so why not make it more attractive when customizing it? Let me show you some excellent high-end packaging boxes to help you get design inspiration.

baby.by plume box

baby. by plume is a handmade candle brand in Scotland. The main ingredients of its candles are all from nature, and its audience is also parents-to-be or precious parents. However, the stereotypical aesthetics associated with newborns were not added to the package design, instead a simple, clean design expresses the tenderness of newborns.

MIND THE HAIR packing box

MIND THE HAIR is an innovative hair dye set, which allows customers to complete the work of a professional hair dyer by providing the formula and the ratio of ingredients. The stylists at MIND THE HAIR have used an alternative to professional hair services that avoid traditional hairdressing industry services. The overall design of the packaging box is based on a minimalist style, which can clearly convey the high-level characteristics of the product.

Grand Granola box

Since the launch of the brand, Grand Granola has received numerous prestigious awards. Therefore, the design of its product packaging should also be designed in line with its brand value. The multiple collaborations between the designer of Grand Granola and the brand also enabled the designer to fully understand the brand vision and the positioning of the food. The challenge of its packaging design is also how to turn ordinary food into a luxury product.

Purdi box

In this saturated jewelry market, it has become increasingly difficult to compete with well-known local brands. The bronzing logo in the Purdi jewelry box is particularly clear against the background color of the dark tone, and the clear display of brand elements also makes the brand more recognizable.

Before customizing the packaging box, the designer should understand the brand and the story behind the brand, and then design it according to the image of the brand, so that the final packaging design can conform to the brand image.

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