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4 major factors for hot stamping and revealing the bottom of jewelry paper bag making factories

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-04

If jewelers want exclusive hand bags, they will cooperate more or less with jewellery paper bag making factories. Because of the paper bag making process applied to jewelry products, many paper bag making factories will use hot stamping technology in this process. It is inevitable that there will be a variety of small problems in the game. Defects such as exposed bottoms are not uncommon. But how much do you know about the main reasons for exposed bottoms? Today, Junye Packaging will share with you the jewelry paper bags. How does the production factory think about the hot stamping technology.

Based on 16 years of work experience, the jewelry paper bag manufacturing factory has concluded that there are four reasons for the phenomenon of bottoming after bronzing:

First, the hot stamping temperature is lower than the normal level, because if the temperature is too low, the anodized aluminum foil cannot be transferred to the substrate. The jewelry paper bag production factory believes that in addition to the bottom, it will also cause the hot stamping effect to be inferior. If it is firm and text, there will be fewer strokes. If such a problem occurs, you must increase the temperature of the electric heating plate in time until a batch of qualified hot stamping products come out.

Second, the hot stamping pressure of the jewelry paper bag making factory is insufficient. If the pressure applied to the electrochemical aluminum foil does not meet the standard during the hot stamping process of the jewelry paper bag making factory, the most intuitive effect is the same as the first point. There is no way to smoothly transfer the electrochemical aluminum foil to the substrate, but the factors that make it impossible to transfer are different. If it is determined that the stamping pressure is low, the stamping pressure should be increased.

Third, the printing ink on the substrate is too dry and the surface is crystallized, which will also cause the hot stamping effect of the jewelry paper bag making factory to show the phenomenon. Generally, the jewelry paper bag making factory will observe the surface of the ink. Whether it is too thick or too dry, etc., because the crystallized surface will cause the hot stamping of the anodized aluminum foil to not be printed on the substrate. Therefore, you must observe the crystallization of the surface in time during hot stamping. If crystallization occurs again, you need to stop the hot stamping process immediately and continue after investigation.

Fourth, the quality of the material is not good. The quality of the anodized aluminum is not good. Under normal circumstances, the jewelry paper bag making factory will choose the material model that matches its own equipment, but it does not rule out the use of other types of materials for some reasons. , This is relatively simple. If it is confirmed that it is the matching problem of the model or the quality is not good, it is recommended to change to the material model that meets your own equipment for hot stamping.

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