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4 key factors in the design of tea kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-10

As an important package for packaging tea, the design of tea kraft paper bags has become a concern for merchants. Today, with the sales performance of Rush, the success or failure of tea kraft paper bag design is related to the sales performance of merchants and the survival of merchants. How to design tea kraft paper bags to attract consumers makes the merchants feel very distressed. Some time ago, I received inquiries from many tea customers, and faced with many tea customers' packaging design consultation. share together.

1. Themes

The determination of the theme of any packaging design is the most important, the theme is the message your product wants to convey, and all designs must revolve around the theme. Therefore, the design of tea kraft paper bags should highlight the characteristics, style and function of the product, and reflect the taste and marketing culture of the product. Only packaging that highlights the connotation of product quality can quickly and accurately transmit product information to consumers, so that consumers have a deep sense of intimacy and recognition, thereby shortening consumers' decision-making time when purchasing products. lead to a quick purchase decision. Therefore, it is very necessary to determine the theme of tea packaging and carry out theme reinforcement.

Second, the sense of quality

The core highlight of any product is the sense of quality. The cost of packaging should be proportional to the value and quality of the product. Cosmetics have different grades. Different grades have different quality and value. The design of tea kraft paper bags should be determined according to different grades. In the design of tea kraft paper bags, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging is proportional to the product value.

3. Psychological Strategies

Psychological strategy refers to the setting in the face of the psychological changes and needs of consumers, which is also the most considered factor when designing works. When consumers buy cosmetics, they pay more attention to the inner culture and inner taste of tea, which requires analyzing the actual demand of consumers for tea in the design of tea kraft paper bags, and how to reflect the culture and taste of their positioning in the design.

4. Color

In all designs, color is the most basic and most important design element. Color can distinguish a product from other similar products, highlight its own personality, and stimulate consumers psychologically. Therefore, the application of color in the design of tea kraft paper bags should take these factors into consideration. When consumers see your tea kraft paper bag at a glance, if they can get a good visual experience, it will invisibly deepen their cognition of tea merchants and stimulate their desire to buy.

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