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4 Key Elements of Custom Product Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-13

Brands are increasingly relying on the use of custom product packaging to secure products that attract customers and drive sales. Customizing high-end product packaging boxes is a very challenging thing. After designing a box, once it goes into production, there is usually no going back. So we need to consider the following key elements before customizing the box.

material selection

Paper is very common among all packaging materials and is also very functional. Whether grayboard, white cardboard or corrugated paper is a very good choice, merchants can also choose different thicknesses of paper according to the actual situation of the product to ensure that the product can be well protected during transportation.

box size

Considering its size when customizing product packaging may be overlooked by most brands. In fact, if the packaging box is too large, it is easy to be regarded as excessive packaging. On the one hand, it will increase the production cost and transportation cost of the packaging box. On the other hand, large packaging boxes tend to raise customers' expectations for the product. If the product fails to meet customers' expectations, it will seriously affect their first impression of the brand. Although the packaging box is too small, it will save part of the production cost and transportation cost, but when it is squeezed during transportation, the packaging box will not be cushioned, which is very easy to cause product damage.


From a marketing point of view, the more attractive the packaging design is, the better it will work as a marketing tool. Its simple yet eye-catching design easily grabs the attention of potential customers. Secondly, your brand logo can be printed on both the shopping bag and the express box, so that the product can continue to display the brand to potential customers after it is sold.

Safe Transport Capability

It doesn't matter how good the product and other aspects of the box are if the product doesn't reach the customer safely. Product damage will not only affect the customer's first impression of the brand, but also increase the loss cost of the product. When the product is transported, ensuring the safety of the product is one of the most basic performances of the packaging box.

There are some packaging design details that do need to be considered when customizing a product box. Following the above 4 key elements will help you a lot in customizing your product packaging.

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