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4 important features of high-end packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-04

In a dazzling retail store, in order to distinguish different brands of goods, choosing custom packaging boxes is one of the very simple and effective ways. Considering the importance of the packaging box to the product as well as the brand, we need to understand 4 important characteristics of the packaging box so that it can impress the user.

1. Attractive

Good product packaging is inherently attractive. And the attractiveness of the packaging box does not only come from one factor. Instead, it is a fusion of many aspects, such as color, font, logo, image, structure and so on. Even if customers take a cursory glance while shopping, they can be attracted by the unique temperament of the packaging box.

2. Information

The packaging box is a bridge between the product and the customer. In addition to adding necessary product information and brand information, the packaging box can also display the product's features and advantages. For example, whether the product uses patented technology, exclusive formula and so on. For some special products, special declarations can also be made in the packaging. This is not only to provide product information for customers when they shop, but the real information display can also make customers trust your brand more.

3. Protection

The basis of all packaging box customization is to hope that it can protect the goods during transportation or storage. Product damage will not only increase the cost of product loss for the company, but may also reduce the image and credibility of the brand if the customer receives the damaged product. The packaging box should be regarded as one with the product. While protecting the product, the packaging box should also have a certain self-protection ability, so as to ensure the integrity of the product.

4. Cost-effective

Based on the above information, excellent packaging must be attractive, informative and protective. Packaging boxes need to be more cost-effective under the premise of meeting the above conditions. Although many companies define the cost of packaging boxes as 'operating costs', many companies are now gradually adding packaging costs to product costs. Therefore, when customizing the packaging box, it is necessary to consider how to be more cost-effective without affecting the performance of the packaging box.

The success or failure of the packaging box determines the result of product sales, making the product stand out in the retail environment, not just relying on a certain advantage of the packaging box. Through the mutual cooperation of the above features, the advantages of high-end packaging boxes can be maximized.

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