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4 common problems in packaging box customization

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-17

Now, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to product box' target='_blank'>packaging. Because of this, it also provides the brand with the opportunity to attract potential consumers to stay. Therefore, more and more brands are beginning to pay attention to the design and production of packaging boxes. Many brands will encounter large and small problems when customizing packaging boxes. With more than 20 years of experience in packaging customization and packaging export trade, we can well avoid some problems encountered in packaging customization and shipment.

order quantity problem

It also accounts for a large part of the total cost of packaging box customization. Although the total price of large-volume orders is higher than that of small-volume orders, the unit price will be much more affordable than small-volume orders. However, when determining the quantity of customized packaging boxes, we need to consider the sales volume of the packaging box. If it is sold in limited quantities, it is very good to determine the quantity, but for ordinary products, it is an important challenge to accurately predict the packaging quantity you need . Too much customization may cause packaging accumulation and increase storage costs, and too little customization may not meet the needs of shipments.

Overseas order

Now, with more and more developed logistics, it is very common to order packing boxes overseas. Like many overseas customers, such as: Japan, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom and so on. For many developed countries, the population is small and the labor cost is very expensive, so considering the overall cost of the packaging box, they will choose China, where the labor cost is relatively low, to customize the packaging box.

Although the labor cost of ordering packaging boxes overseas is low, the production qualification of the packaging box supplier and the delivery of the packaging box must also be considered.

craft problem

Finishes are one of the most influential elements of retail packaging design in terms of product appeal, but they are also one of the most costly. Adding hot stamping, embossing, UV printing and other processes in the packaging box can not only improve the grade of the packaging box, but also improve the overall attractiveness of the packaging box. When designing and customizing the packaging box, we need to consider how to strike a balance between the quality and cost of the packaging box.

structural issues

Although the classic packaging structure is timeless, it is not unique enough for limited products or holiday gift boxes. In order to stay ahead of the competition, we need to understand the structure types that have been favored by users in recent years, and then consult structural engineers to adjust our own packaging design.

Only by understanding the above problems can the brand side accurately find the solution to the problem, so as to save the cost, time, energy, etc. of customizing the packaging box. Choosing a professional packaging box manufacturer can ensure that the brand makes the right choice at every step of the design process.

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