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4 advantages of digital printing

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-10

Offset and digital printing both have their place in the printing industry. The differences also demonstrate the different needs of companies of different sizes for packaging and printing. Although offset printing has always been the preferred process for packaging box printing, in many cases, packaging box manufacturers still choose digital printing for packaging printing, so why? The following will lead you to understand the advantages of digital printing, and when will packaging suppliers choose digital printing technology?


Digital printing is the digitalization of printing technology, which can directly print computer files on substrates. Its biggest feature is that it can be printed on one sheet without plate making. For small businesses, the demand for packaging boxes is not large, and offset printing has a large minimum order quantity, which is not suitable for small batch packaging customization. Therefore, digital printing has become the preferred printing process for small batch orders. In addition to packaging box printing, it can also be used to print leaflets, souvenir books, etc.

more cost-effective

Compared with offset printing, digital printing does not require plate making before printing, making it more cost-effective in short-run printing. When a printing error occurs, it may be costly to re-make the plate, while digital printing does not require plate-making, and can correct errors in time to minimize losses.

high speed

Offset printing can be tedious to set up, requiring plates to be made, ink keys set and adjustments made before printing. On the other hand, there are very few prepress setup procedures for digital code printing, so the initial setup time is also reduced. Therefore, the speed of printing will also be significantly accelerated, especially in the case of urgent shipment.

Environmental friendly

A highly developed industry is a good thing, but if the relationship between the development of production and the protection of resources, protection of the environment, and ecological balance cannot be properly handled, it may have a negative impact. Digital printing machines can minimize the emission of air pollutants, and at the same time, digital printing will not waste excess ink during the printing process.

For small and medium-sized enterprises with less printing demand, digital printing is definitely a very good choice. But if the color used in your product packaging box is Pantone (Pantone) color number, it will be more appropriate to choose offset printing.

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