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3 Types of Jewelry Packaging

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-09

When designing packaging for your jewelry brand, it is important to consider what type of jewelry needs to be packaged. Whether your brand sells fine jewelry or decorative jewelry, packaging needs to showcase your jewelry effectively. When customizing jewelry boxes, you need to use brand logos, color schemes and styles to extend your brand. From jewelry boxes, jewelry drawstring bags to jewelry tote bags all need to add a touch of elegance when displaying branded products. For example, use various popular materials to make bags and boxes to keep your jewelry packaging up to date.

jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are one of the most popular jewelry packaging. They can be customized in a variety of ways. The common materials and accessories of jewelry packaging boxes include velvet, bowknot, sponge, paper, etc., combined with bronzing, embossing and other processes, which can easily add beauty to your packaging box. Jewelry boxes can have many different structures, from ordinary clamshell boxes, heaven and earth cover boxes to special-shaped boxes with unique appearance, all of which can be used as the structure of jewelry boxes.

jewelry bag

In addition to jewelry boxes, custom jewelry drawstring bags and shopping bags are also very good choices. Drawstring bags can hold almost any type of jewelry and add a unique style to your branded collection. Like jewelry boxes, drawstring bags can be used to pack rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Considering the characteristics of the product, the brand can use soft fabric materials such as flannelette.

jewelry card

Finally, the jewelry card is also a good choice for the brand. In addition to fixing the jewelry, it can also effectively display each piece of jewelry. Adding popular packaging elements and craftsmanship to jewelry card design can keep your brand fresh in the hearts of customers forever. Most of the jewelry cards in the market are made of paper and plastic, and can be used with jewelry boxes and drawstring bags.

In short, custom packaging is an important part of branding, and to further enhance your jewelry packaging, adding a unique packaging process is a very effective way to deal with it. It can not only improve the aesthetics of jewelry packaging, but also extend the jewelry brand to the hearts of potential customers.

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