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3 Tips for Determining Your Gift Box Budget

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-08

As a professional packaging box manufacturer, one of the most common problems we encounter is about packaging budget confirmation. When asked about the budget for a custom box, customers are usually hesitant. Budgeting for gift wrap may seem like a complex task, but once you understand your needs and sales goals, budgeting for gift boxes is much easier.

Typically, brands spend 10% or less of their product budget on their packaging. But as there are more and more choices of packaging boxes, the customized prices of different packaging boxes will also vary. The dimensions of the box depend on the product and other elements required in the box. The price of a gift box is determined by its size and the material chosen.

Through this article, we aim to provide you with some tips to help you create a budget and understand the pricing of various elements in your packaging design.

First of all, you need to know what kind of gift box your product needs. We can research the products you are selling first. Then determine the type of product packaging. For example, if you are selling children's toys, the best way is to make the packaging transparent. For children, no text information can compare with the display of the product. In addition, we also need to understand the particularity of the product, such as:

Are your products fragile?

Is the product a food with a short shelf life?

Does the product need to be protected from light and moisture?

Need to package multiple products?

The second element that affects the packaging budget is the type of packaging box. Many creative product packaging boxes require a higher budget than ordinary packaging boxes. But creative packaging helps to attract the attention of potential users, thereby generating more revenue

The creativity of the packaging box can start from the design and the selection of materials and craftsmanship. As people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection of products, brands can also start with the environmental protection creativity of packaging boxes to attract more users' attention.

Before customizing the box, you need to figure out how important you are to the functionality and aesthetics of the gift box. If you value functionality, you can try to choose a cost-effective and eco-friendly kraft paper box. If functionality and aesthetics are equally important, you can choose a grayboard pasting box as product packaging. The grayboard pasting box is very strong and durable in function. From the aesthetic point of view, its plasticity is very strong. It can not only add exquisite bronzing, embossing and other processes, but also customize unique shapes according to needs.

The above are the three factors that affect the packaging box budget. At the same time, these factors are also closely related to the overall performance and aesthetics of the packaging box. Before determining the gift box budget, we need to make the best decision after comprehensive consideration.

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