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3 Simple Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas for Practice

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-02

Selling products in a more environmentally conscious way can give businesses an advantage. For example, when you use environmentally friendly packaging to package products, not only can you reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment, but you can also attract more environmentally conscious customers. In today's society, corporate social responsibility is very important. Choosing environmentally friendly packaging boxes can convey the brand's environmental protection concept to potential customers. When customizing the packaging box, we can try the following environmentally friendly packaging ideas.

less is more

Less is more The architectural design concept put forward by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: 'Less is more', this concept is also applicable to the packaging box design. When you use fewer elements in your packaging, the less waste is created. Excessive packaging creates excess waste that ends up in landfills. Although the purpose of many excessive packaging is to make the box more attractive, simple packaging design can also show the advantages of the product well.

Eco-friendly ink

The printing process is the most common process in packaging boxes. Traditional inks contain a large amount of heavy metals such as lead and mercury. During the drying process of the printed surface, toxic substances such as toluene will be volatilized into the air, which may cause cancer. The best way to reduce the environmental impact of your business is to use environmentally friendly soy-based inks on your packaging. Soy ink is made from edible refined soybean oil, which is a renewable resource and does not emit toxic gases during the printing process. In addition to being environmentally friendly and non-toxic, soybean inks can produce brighter and more vivid colors than traditional inks.

environmental protection material

The most common environmentally friendly material in the market may be paper. Many packaging papers are made from recycled waste paper, which can also be recycled after use. There are many types of paper materials, such as: white cardboard, kraft paper, gray board paper, corrugated paper, etc. When customizing high-end packaging boxes, materials can be selected according to product needs and brand budgets. The paper material has a strong protective force, and its strength is no less than that of plastic packaging boxes.

Using eco-friendly packaging is one way to build a sustainable brand. It can not only reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment, but also attract the attention of more environmentally friendly users.

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