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3 Simple Detail Shirt Paper Bag Making Designs That Allow Consumers to Have

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-22

Now everything needs to be creative. Some ordinary shirt and paper bags have been over-consumed by packaging factories. Many handbags and handbags are already similar, and the market can't offer any new ideas to consumers. So today Let me analyze 3 kinds of medium-sized paper bags such as shirt paper bag production design, and where to start the small coup to give consumers a different feeling of consumption.

From Figure 1, you can see today's 3 styles of paper bag making, which is actually no different from the paper bag making we usually see, that is, the design style of ordinary shirt paper bag making, it is really nothing too much from a distance It's a big visual impact, but don't panic, when you look closer, you will find that these three paper bags are made, each of which is different.

The first is the production of the black paper bag in Figure 2. When you look at it from a distance, some friends who have experience in customizing handbags will say, eh, isn't it just a shirt bag made of black cardboard? what a difference. Take a closer look, this is not ordinary black cardboard, it is a 250g special paper called Yuhei Universe. As you can see from the picture, there are some small white dots like starlight on the surface of these paper dots. The small white dots will produce different visual effects according to the angle and light (the author has general photography skills and does not use filters, so it does not look obvious, but it can be vaguely identified that there are many small white dots that will flash). This has some degree of freshness with ordinary black cardboard.

Then let's take a look at the difference in the design of the shirt paper bag in Figure 3. In fact, it is still not obvious from a close-up view (because the author's mobile phone is relatively old, I couldn't take a picture of the actual production of the paper bag). effect), but in fact this is an upgraded version of the black paper bag in Figure 2. Its highlights are denser. This is actually a special paper called Hulan metallic paper, which is a metallic color. Special paper, but the angle of this gloss is larger and more, and the overall effect is not well displayed in Figure 3, which is the author's mistake.

After seeing the production of two flooded paper bags, let’s finally take a look at the design of this red shirt paper bag. There are some differences. You may not see anything from a distance, but if you look closely, I just found out that the opening of this paper bag is full of wavy lines. This kind of wavy line, combined with the theme of his paper bag production, is actually very in line with the temperament. The author also admires the businessman who made the design in Figure 3. To achieve a gorgeous display effect, this paper bag production does not actually use any gorgeous craftsmanship to make handbags, but a product that is simply designed with the impression of the product in the minds of consumers, as long as you spend more time thinking about consumers, The next successful product could be yours.

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