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3 FAQs about kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-08

The 3 FAQs I bring today are about the customization of kraft paper bags. So far, many packaging box processes seem to be relatively simple and easy, but there are still many small partners who do not know some of the technical knowledge, or These are some common problems. Today, I will introduce these little knowledge.

3 FAQs about custom kraft paper bags

Q1: What should I do if there is an anti-stick printing phenomenon when the kraft paper bag is customized?

A1: After a batch of such products appears, the most feasible way is to adjust the viscosity and printing speed of the printing ink to a suitable level, because the anti-stick printing is due to the printing plate ink on the previous layer. Channeling to the next version will be formed. If the viscosity of the ink is high, the printing speed should be adjusted to speed up. If the viscosity is low, the printing speed should be slowed down. means too.

Q2: Can a batch of custom-made kraft paper bags be shipped directly without proofing?

A2: This kind of choice is relative. Some foreign merchants do think that the proofing fee is too high and choose not to need proofing, so they can directly sell large goods. Understanding, and in-depth understanding, often some merchants will find a manufacturer whose reputation is not good enough to cooperate. Because the quality problem is very dissatisfied, there will be prejudice against the manufacturers in the Guangzhou area. Compared with customized samples, it is a problem for merchants. Self-insurance, although there will be additional costs.

Q3: If the kraft paper bag is made of paper, is it also a popular single copper paper?

A3: Yes, because paper is currently a popular material both domestically and abroad. It is better than other materials in terms of environmental protection and cost, but copper paper alone is a matter of opinion. , Because with the continuous attention to environmental protection, kraft paper has the possibility of replacing single copper paper, but in any case in the future, paper should still occupy the seat of the main material of kraft paper bags.

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