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3 elements that must have in the production and design of tea kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-28

1. The breadth of kraft paper bag making and design

refers to the shape that can be used in a wide range of kraft paper bags for packaging gifts. Some design kanbans are very beautiful when applied, but once they are used in the production of kraft paper bags, they will become a mess. This kind of design is not good. It must be able to be used on all large and small kraft paper bags of the enterprise. is a good kraft paper bag design;

Second, the height of kraft paper bag production design

Refers to an international feel and a high degree of completion in the color and shape of the kraft paper bag shape;

3. The length of the kraft paper bag design

refers to the malleability of time. That is: a high-quality kraft paper bag production and design company, the kraft paper bag it creates cannot be considered an outdated design in just two or three years, but must be able to coexist and develop with the enterprise. Therefore, the production design of kraft paper bags must have at least 10-20 years of applicability.

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