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3 Common Gift Box Color Schemes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-02

The color on the packaging box can effectively attract the attention of customers. Many brands will use the brand color as the color scheme of the gift box. But for new brands, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to determine the brand color. We can choose according to the brand image or product characteristics. Here are 3 common color matching types.

Simple, elegant color scheme

Simple and elegant packaging color schemes are very popular, and are used by many well-known brands at home and abroad. The most famous one is probably the Chanel packaging box. The color scheme of its luxury packaging boxes is generally black and white, and the camellia is used as the accessory of the packaging box, and other bright colors are rarely used. Moreover, the concise color scheme can better highlight the key elements in the packaging box, such as: brand logo.

Bold and vibrant color schemes

The bright color scheme of the packaging box can immediately attract the attention of potential customers. However, the bright color scheme is difficult to adjust, and a slight deviation can easily make the packaging box very tacky. Some bright color schemes are often used in holiday gift boxes, such as the color scheme of red, green and white Christmas gift boxes, and the color scheme of red and gold Chinese New Year gift boxes. In addition to holiday gift boxes, fashionable and bright color schemes are also used for some cosmetic gift boxes or fashion gift boxes.

Symbolic color scheme

Most of the colors are symbolic, such as: red represents enthusiasm, liveliness, and auspiciousness; purple represents wealth and auspiciousness; green represents nature, environmental protection, etc. Many brands use green as the color scheme of the packaging box in order to show their environmentally friendly brand characteristics. In addition to this, products with many natural ingredients also use green as the main color scheme of the packaging box.

In addition to the above traditional symbolic meanings, there is another characteristic in the packaging of the cosmetics industry: products with whitening effect will be packaged in white; products with anti-aging effect will be packaged in red or purple. Men's cosmetics are more popular in black and blue.

Of course, there are many more than the above commonly used types of packaging color schemes. When choosing the color scheme of the product outer packaging box, the 'beauty' and brand image of the gift box should also be considered. Only by comprehensively considering the above points can we better choose the color scheme that suits our products.

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