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24 color printed kraft paper bags wholesale in bulk - Jialan Package

24 color printed kraft paper bags wholesale in bulk - Jialan Package
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Kraft paper bags have always been recognized as sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. They are the safest product packaging bags trusted by food delivery companies. With the development of the modern printing industry, the forms of kraft paper bags that people can choose are becoming more and more diverse, from the single printing color of original brown kraft paper bags to the changes in different Pantone color numbers such as red, orange, yellow, and green. In terms of production weight, the change in weight from 80g to 120g or even higher kraft paper bags all shows the changes in people's demand for kraft paper bags.

Nowadays, in order to meet the public's purchase demand for kraft paper bags, Jialan Package has launched a batch of color-printed kraft paper bags with 24 different color printings. They come in seven different sizes and can meet the needs of the gift industry and takeaway drink industry. , fast food industry, clothing industry and other different businesses have ordering needs for kraft paper bags. 

The following is a detailed introduction to these 24 color printed kraft paper bags, please browse patiently to learn more.



The Feature of these Kraft paper bags

Eco-Friendly Material: Kraft paper is made from natural, renewable resources like wood pulp, making it biodegradable and recyclable. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags, which helps reduce pollution and environmental impact. 

Customizable: Colorful Kraft bags can be easily customized to match a brand's color scheme or specific design requirements. This customization option allows businesses to create a unique and eye-catching packaging solution, enhancing brand visibility and recognition. 

Durability: Kraft paper is strong and durable, capable of carrying various items without tearing or breaking easily. This durability ensures that the contents of the bag remain secure during transportation, making them suitable for a wide range of products.

Versatility: These bags are versatile and can be used for different purposes, such as packaging gifts, promotional items, groceries, clothing, and more. Their diverse usability makes them a popular choice for retailers and businesses in various industries.

24 different colors available,Add more rich colors to brand packaging

Color is the first factor that attracts visual impact. People like to use different colors to highlight the characteristics of the brand. This series of kraft paper bags launched by Jialan Package has 24 different colors that can adapt to the color positioning of different brands in their promotional activities in different seasons. For example, bright and vibrant colors may be suitable for summer, while warm, earthy tones may be suitable for fall.

This flexibility enables businesses to create themed kraft paper bags for special occasions and events, which can add more freshness to your event.           


Seven sizes of kraft paper bags suitable for product packaging in different industries

In order to meet the packaging needs of different products in different industries to a greater extent, Jialan Package has prepared seven different sizes of kraft paper bags. 

The minimum vertical size is: 12*15*6cm, which can be used for packaging small items such as trinkets, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. Medium size: 13*21*8cm can be used for packaging books, picture books, scarves, gloves and other items. Standard size: 16*22*8cm, can be used for packaging of takeaway, clothing, baked desserts, milk tea, etc. Large size: 11*22*27cm, can be used for packaging of takeaway fried chicken, burgers, etc. in the catering industry. Extra large size: 26*33*12cm, can be used for packaging of down jackets, coats and other shoes and clothing.

Horizontal size: 31*42*11.5cm, 31*25*11.5cm can be used for packaging in the shoe and clothing industry.

White Kraft Paper Bags
Maca Orange Kraft bags
Pink Kraft Paper Bags
Maca Purple Kraft Bags
Light Green Kraft Bags


 Rose Red Kraft Bags

Brilliant Red Kraft Bags
Earthy brown paper bag
Black Kraft Paper Bags
Blue Kraft Paper Bags
Dark Green Kraft Bags
Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Why Choose Jialan Package Customized Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags?

1. Direct factory, customized wholesale price is cheap

We are a paper packaging factory from China with more than 15 years of experience in customized wholesale production. When ordering wholesale kraft paper bags from Jialan, you do not need to go through the middleman. You can place an order directly from the factory and customize the quantity and price of paper bags needed for wholesale more favorable.

2. Professional English sales 24-hour online service to solve your ordering problems

We have a group of professional salesmen with strong English skills. They have professional packaging knowledge and can provide 24-hour online services to help you solve common problems encountered in ordering paper bags and assist you in successfully completing your order.

3.A powerful logistics system that can solve your export customs clearance problems

We have a group of stable logistics partners who have rich experience in import and export customs clearance and can help you solve various problems encountered in export customs clearance.

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If you need to customize or wholesale environmentally friendly paper packaging supplies, such as paper boxes, paper bags, etc., please contact us in time.

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