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2 kinds of tea paper bag making designs are effective but ordinary, the third one must be used with caution

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-22

How to make your own tea paper bag making design more eye-catching than other competitor's hand bags There is no exact method. Today, I will give 3 suggestions from the aspect of linkage, and see if I can get any inspiration or good ideas from them.

1. Linkage, needless to say, whether it is related to the product's own characteristics, the tea leaves like black tea are mainly dark red and dark red, as the color tone of the whole tea paper bag production and design, this linkage is the basic It's nothing special, it's quite satisfactory, the paper carrier bags is only responsible for the ordinary loading function, and it can be discarded after use. No one will be wrong. Next, let's see how the linkage of the second type of tea paper bag production design works.

2. In addition to the linkage with the product, you can also pay more attention to the linkage like festivals. Whether you are green tea, scented tea, white tea, Pu'er and other countless types of tea, during the Chinese Spring Festival, you Using red as the main color for the design of tea paper bags, no one says that your outer packaging is off topic, especially in festive festivals, red is always very popular in the domestic market, giving people good meaning and upward psychological hints, so that People feel refreshed, so this kind of paper bag production, after consumers buy tea and go home, in a happy mood, they think that the quality of this handbag is also good (in fact, even if it is average, when people are in a happy mood It looks good), and the probability reaches 70% when it needs to be used again next time, at least not like the first one, it can be discarded when it is used up.

3. The third kind of linkage can be said to be a bit nonsense, but in the domestic market, few people do this kind of tea paper bag making design, because this kind of design is relatively advanced, and it may not be able to be favored by tea consumers. I love it, so it must be used with caution. It is to use hot events for linkage. Many successful marketing cases are inseparable from hot hype. For example, a contraceptive brand uses various hot current events to link its own product features. It is really successful to be able to design the outer packaging design at the first time, but this has to take into account the audience. The editor thinks that it should be used with caution.

Water can carry a boat and capsize it. Whether it is the production and design of tea paper bags or the production of paper bags in other industries, there must be a certain degree of restriction. Like the first common linkage, it is quite satisfactory, not bad, not bad. The second kind of timing is very important, but it can leave a good effect, and the third kind needs to be used very carefully to have a good effect, otherwise the entire dynasty may be destroyed.

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