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Common materials for high-end electronic product packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-03

In the past, people liked to read books and newspapers. But modern technology is more and more developed, and people prefer to use electronic products to understand hot news and learn. In recent years, the sales volume of electronic products has become higher and higher, especially mobile phones, computers and some accessories thereof. High-end electronic products need to be packaged in strong and visually appealing boxes compared to traditional paper media. So, what kind of packaging box can meet the needs of high-end electronic products?

Electronic products are delicate inside and are easily damaged by external factors. Strong and durable packaging can better protect them during transportation to reduce product loss. Electronic products on the market are generally divided into two types, one is accessories products with relatively affordable prices. For example, earphones, mice, keyboards, etc., the most common packaging materials for such products in the market are cardboard and corrugated packaging. The electronic product packaging box made of cardboard and corrugated paper has moderate load-bearing capacity and affordable price, which is very suitable for some enterprises and products with low packaging budget.

However, for some high-end or high-value electronic products, cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes are not so suitable, such as mobile phones, tablet computers and so on. The characteristic of this type of product is that the value is relatively high. If the product is damaged during transportation or storage, the loss suffered by the brand will be very large. Although the cardboard packaging box has strong plasticity, its appearance can be very delicate and high-end after design. However, the hardness of the cardboard packaging box is limited. When it is squeezed, even if the product can be well protected, the packaging box is easily deformed and damaged due to extrusion. This can easily affect the customer's first impression of the brand. Although the hardness and compression resistance of corrugated packaging boxes are very strong, the plasticity of corrugated packaging boxes is weak, the cost is not high enough, and it is difficult to attract customers' attention through visual effects.

For high-end electronic products, the most suitable packaging material is the gray board paper box. The gray board pasting box has very strong compressive capacity and hardness, and its plasticity is also very powerful. Many electronic products like Apple (such as: mobile phones, watches, headphones, computers, etc.) use grayboard pasting boxes.

Electronic products are an integral part of our lives. If you want to be unique in product sales, it is very important to choose the material of high-end packaging boxes correctly.

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